The Icing On The Cake


The icing on the cake was when I was setting up snacks for the show and a guy (a friend of the gallery owner) asked if he could take a quick look at the show before it started. He did, and when he was finished giving each photograph about a minute (sweet guy) he asked me if, by chance do I listen to Bonobo? HOLY SMOKES. How rad is that!?! Why, yes, of course I do and apparently it goes into the photographs.

He connected my images to the music that’s weaving through my brain everyday. It certainly wasn’t intentional, but an honor to have my work relating to the work of musicians I adore. THE ICING ON THE CAKE, I tell you!

One of my best friends has her Phd in classical music composition and is a pianist, so I try to relate my process her to hers when we talk art. When she was viewing my images she talked about liking the layers in them. I made up an analogy: You know how jazz music is a combination of separate notes all interwoven ( I greatly dislike jazz), but in contrast classical music is a group of notes that when played together create a whole ‘nother bigger sound that vibrates? This bigger, ambient sound is vibrating off of a particular set of notes being played at the same time. Simply, it’s when smaller parts create a new bigger entity, and you can sense them both at once. I LOVE THAT. My images are like that, like that classical orchestral thing. I love it in music, I love it in the crickets and frogs (peepers) at night, I love it in the trees when they swish in the wind, and I love it in the imagery I make. I guess my work is musical, not on purpose, but just because I can’t help it.

Thank you random guy for giving me that perfect start to the opening night.

Above is the image he last looked at before he turned to ask me that. It’s called The Beginning Of Forms.

Click play below to hear Cirrus by Bonobo from their 2013 release: The North Borders

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