Installation // Set Design

This is the first project Eszter Sziszk and I collaborated on together as BETWEEN WORLDS COLLABORATIVE

This lenticular mural was funded by the Downtown Art Commission in Memphis, TN for their temporary public art project called the Mosaic Art Walk.

Idő – Tempo

Idő – Tempo are the words for TIME in Hungarian and Portuguese, the native languages of our birthplaces. This piece is about how a place changes throughout time. We reflect on how people change places and places change people—how Memphis has changed us. The trees stood before and they stand now, like these old forgotten buildings. The river and the people are akin in their constant flow. 

We discovered while making this piece that we both abscond to the Gulf of Mexico with our families once-a-year. I think this is a common practice among Memphians…to make the journey South like the river itself and fling ourselves into the ocean.” 

– Stephanie Cosby

From Eszter:

“The clouds are rivers that already know the sea. Water is always a very important symbol in my artwork. It represents cycle, birth, time. Water is necessary element for life, feed the trees around us. Memphis is the city of the river, amazing big trees and a lot of history. In our lenticular print installation we intend to show this three topic and a very flimsy transition in between them.”

– Eszter Sziksz 


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