Empty The Cache


In my photographic work I like to think about the experience of viewing artwork and how our perceptions and beliefs play a role in that.

This series explores ways to get beyond the photographic still life, calendar shot, botanical documentation, travel photography or the landscape as a backdrop to a fashion editorial. I’ve wondered: is there a way to clear the palate of our busy minds first so that we don’t immediately dismiss the image as “just another picture of a landscape”?  

I’ve inserted a blank shape into some of the images that could serve this purpose…other images show that nature, herself, actually has these meditative viewing areas available. The visual order of the landscape seems to provide a clearing of the inner space of the human mind.

“Empty The Cache” is a command on the internet that when performed empties all the information in your browser. For the health of the computer it’s wise to periodically perform this task in your browser of choice. It frees the memory in your computer.

Titles from left to right are: Empty The Cache,  A Break,  Smoke Break,  For The Afternoon,  Give Me A Minute,  A Bright Spot,  Tuesday,  I’m Not Sure Yet

A Review of this work by The Memphis Flyer in which I am referred to as “Crosby” a common mistake.

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    That’s a brilliant answer to an interesting question

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    Colin Hanks was the ONLY casting mistake in BAnd of Brothers. When Hanks arrived onscreen it just blew the whole scene. Oh great, I’m supposed to believe this douche is a WW2 soldier.

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