Devil’s Fruit

These images of  Ballet Memphis performing Devil’s Fruit are by Ari Denison © 2013

Choreographer Julia Adam chose my photographic work with the fungi of the Midsouth region to incorporate into her set design. I created work that was projected onto the stage background and onto umbrella props acting as mushroom themselves. The dancers interacted with the projections…making them more than just the set, but also part of the dance itself—its story. In one image the projections are visible on the skin of the dancers as they become part of this Kingdom of Fungi themselves.

The Fungi Kingdom is important to the Mississippi River Basin (as it is everywhere) because all living plant life is intertwined with a mycelium network that keeps it fed, watered, and growing. It’s an information network for plants. The fungi are a part of the death/birth cycle—eating the fallen and making soil for new to grow. Learn more in Paul Stamen’s book Mycelium Running or watch this Ted Talk he gives.

News about the River Project:

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Ballet Memphis takes brilliance to the river, By Jon W. Sparks

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