Mnemosyne - on white - Click on this planet to see the collection with a white background.

Mnemosyne – on white – Click on this planet to see the collection with a white background.


“What is God?” I whispered to my Mother in the silent part of meeting. “A mysterious force in the universe.”, she whispered back.

I remember visiting the cemetery at night, overcome with the darkness of the unlit country road. In reality, it took several nights of trying before I made it all the way down the dark road. Corn, taller-than-me on both sides, with stalks creaking like bones. What occurred in that void-of-light was a curious sensation…feeling the reality of an immeasurable, vast space in which the Earth felt comparatively tiny, and myself even tinier. These feet I wore crunched stones on the gravelly road – I was sure of that, but for a moment, I was spinning through space. How could I ever forget such a powerful thing?

Now, years later in the studio, I consider how a person would cope with moving their sense of home/ place/familiarity to an alien landscape, to somewhere ‘out there’. I imagine leaving Earth would be akin to dying, and so I find myself continually fascinated by science fiction stories and tales of space travel. I imagine when this body dies that its energy body (me?) will enter an unseen realm—return to where it came from, but does that place need to remain a mystery?

There are clues everywhere on earth that point to the great cosmic landscape Earth is a part of. Clues that point to unseen realms and to this incredible intelligent network of communication and symbiosis. I feel strongly that humans are meant to understand it and be a part of it. My life experiences strongly suggest that we’re meant to be inseparable and in-cooperation with it.

Possibly all human suffering can be traced to the point of disconnection from the whole, from the innate intelligence of the universe itself as a living breathing entity. This pondering is what inspires my art-making or visual storytelling. My (artistic) process tells about the ways I encounter these unseen realities that point to the great mystery of life.

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