A Circular Reflection

In Spring 2014 I was asked by Crosstown Arts management to create a storefront window installation for the Cleveland Street Flea market. With a Circular Reflection I experimented with combining paint, photographic prints, live plants and dried plant material.

About this piece: I adore and rely on the wild landscapes of planet Earth to keep me well. It seems the more I experience the Earth and observe its systems and intricacies the more I am led to remember that this ball of mud with all its complex systems is spinning through space. I find myself in an exquisite moment where I’m aware of my life in comparison to the vast galaxy and beyond.  That moment when I feel like an ant compared to it all—I love that moment. This experience of the wild landscape leading me to the stars always leads me back to the landscape—it’s a completely circular reflection, every time. Even 100 years feels too short in the gaze of a great love.

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