Moving Onward


It feels good to finally finish something that has been hanging on the wall for a year now taunting me in its unfinished state. I was inspired to finish it via the technique of collage after seeing Romare Bearden‘s Odyssey exhibit. He was a collage master and I finally was able to revere the medium. I used to collage like every other teenager/ 20 something playing around with different ways to express herself visually, but I never was able to see it anything other than unrefined, punk-rock play. Certainly, I could never imagine it as something someone would want to purchase for the walls of their home. (Starting to lose that art qualifier). I’d seen some cute collages with a more sentimental bent, but never something that went beyond a ransom note vibe. In this last year, I was also introduced to the collage work of two other artist that I like. The local Lester Merriweather and Colette Saint Yves. (What’s up with no website Lester?)

Anyway, it took me awhile after being inspired by R.B. to actually get the print made of Violet’s 3 year old face to then varnish it to the canvas. Now, this image of Penelope Violet riding an owl, soaring out of the Rainforest (her choice), and into a slightly stormy sky is finished. She’s been terrified of storms ever since she was caught on the interstate with a tornado chasing her, her sister and her Papa in his lightweight pick-up truck. They beat the storm, but the impression was left. She doesn’t even like to be outside when it’s cloudy. It’a a real bummer, as the rest of us-three LOVE to greet a storm and be out in the windy, electric beginnings. So, I have painted her smiling and bravely entering a sky that is less-than-clear. It feels so good to finish something and be satisfied with it! Now, every night when I lie next to my seven year old to read her a bedtime book, I look up at the painting on her wall and finish the day with a great satisfaction.


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