A Step Back Is A Step Forward


Nothing too profound here, just that I forgot to post about the Material Anthology show I was honored to participate in. So here’s the story of how that came to be:

This really sweet little gallery, Material Art Space, that was founded and run by a Memphian with a huge, sweet heart…one of those great places that as soon as I stepped within its walls I knew I wanted to see my photography in there, but no printing money I shelved the idea for later.

Then, I heard through the grapevine last Winter (2012) that Hamlett Dobbins was going to close the doors of Material Art Space to pursue the next phase of his life. I scurried to secure a show…I couldn’t let that dream go unfulfilled or I feared I would never go forward with the showing part of my personal art practice. There were only two shows left…and it was to fall after tax season, yes! IRS money was late…cutting it close a dear friend lent me the money… it was a great show…hung 9 pieces, sold 9 pieces. It was my first solo exhibition and my best girlfriend of 26 years spontaneously showed up in my driveway to usher in the great moment with me. SO MUCH LOVE.

…AND because I had a show there I was able to be in Material’s Anthology show this summer at Crosstown Arts…Memphis’s new Fine Art Tour de Force.

So fun to be amidst other local names and all that. Here’s a photo of the wall my photograph The Next Chapter was hanging on.



RIP Material Arts space. Bon Voyage Hamlett Dobbins! (He’s going off to claim the Rome Prize and make art in Italy for a year. Memphis will miss you!)

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