“What occurred in that void of light was the sensation of an immeasurable vast space in which the Earth felt comparatively tiny, and myself even tinier. These feet I wore crunched stones on the gravelly road beneath, but for a moment, I was spinning through space. How could I ever forget such a powerful thing? …”

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I love creating spaces that point to the perfect systems existing in the wild landscapes of planet Earth. Sharing that brilliance is what motivates me to make work.

FIREFLIES FOR JULIA a photographic projection piece projected onto the stage during a Ballet Memphis River Project ll dance called Devils Fruit. Also available in print form. Contact if interested.




Go ahead and contact me with inquiries, I’d love to hear from you!



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    Stephanie Cosby had her first mammogram at age 40 and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two weeks later, her mother was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. Stephanie shares her experience of breast cancer treatment and of caring for her mother, who has since passed away, here and in a blog she created to help other women dealing with breast cancer issues.

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      >>i guess my hope is that were all people given access to it, they’d know enough to choose it.Thank you, Michael. From your mouth (pen? keyboard?) to the powers-that-be’s ears.

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    • TC, Now I’m disgraceful? You make a sweeping statement about her using Autism to her advantage. Which basically disrespects all parents with an Autistic child. The implication that Autism can be used that way is offensive and if you can’t see that then you have a problem.

  • is exactly what i go through. so nice to see i’m not alone! and you are an inspiration b/c i know i may be doing this sooner than later with #2! and p.s. how does one become a freelance writer? i’ve always wondered how people do that!

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